Happy 8th Birthday Dylan!

Dylan turned 8 today! Wow! Time flies when you are having fun with this guy. He had a wonderful week in NC with movies, bowling, arcade and a trip to Carowinds with cousins along with swimming in the pool! Nani also got Dylan some cake, too! Yum!
Then, on his birthday, he got to play baseball, out for lunch and then a wonderful cook out with burgers, dogs and chicken wings. Mom made him a yummy cake, too!
This year, Dylan was so excited to get a pet fish! His name is  Baggie (bay-gee).  He is a red beta fish.
Birthday celebration at Nani and Nana's house. Dinner at PF Changs.
 Birthday cake at home!

Dylan's 8 year old check-up

Dylan is growing (slowly) and is happy and healthy during this 8 year old check-up. He weights 44.6 lbs and is 48.25 inches tall. Compared to his 7 year old check (where he was 40.6 lbs and 46.75 inches) he has grown some in both areas.

The doctor says he is one of the skinniest guys on the planet! Dylan thought that was very funny!

Great job for staying healthy, Dylan!

Dylan's 8th birthday party

This year we got to celebrate Dylan's birthday party before the baseball madness started. After a cold morning of both 8u and 10u having scrimmages to get ready for the start of the season, Dylan had a fun time with friends at Rebounderz.


                                   Tal, Dylan, Max, Bryan, Zander, Mihir, Austin and Brandon.
                                                                            8 is great!

4th grade Friendship Tea

Today, Austin invited me to his class for Friendship Tea. I was his special guest and he made a book of poems about me. It was so sweet and I can't wait to share all the poems he wrote, they were so wonderful and touching.

Here's some videos of Austin reading the two selected poems. He wrote and read a Haiku and Diamonte.

Spring 2017 Picture Day

The boys had picture day today. They looked cute. This was taken at the end of the day :)

Actual pictures...
4th grade
2nd grade

Happy 75th Birthday to Nana/Dad!

We wish Nana/Dad a very wonderful 75th birthday.We are so proud of you. We love you very much and thank you for everything you do for us!

Dylan Winter Swimming

Dylan is doing great at swimming classes. He started in December and will finish his last session in mid-March. He starts Level 5 today, this will be his last session (next 6 weeks) before the baseball craziness starts. Go Dylan!

Swimming across